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Sourdough Breads

Finally, I’m publishing this post with the best of the best Sourdough Breads that I’ve been baking recently. I’m not giving you the recipes as I made only minor changes to the original recipes. For these you can follow the links that I’m giving after each photo.

And here is the hero of the day – my rye sourdough culture!

I’ve been following Wild Yeast Sourdough Starter posted on The Fresh Loaf site. I keep it in the fridge and somewhere in the middle of the week I take a small amount of it into a separate container and feed it, as well as the mother culture which goes back to the fridge. The new ‘baby’ is left at room temperature, and I feed it daily till the day I finally bake something with it. As the recipes calling for sourdough are quite time-consuming, I usually bake sourdough bread at weekends.

I will present you four recipes, four lots of breads=) all baked with sourdough, so be prepared for quite elaborate recipes! To see some more recipes that I already tried and posted, look here for Light Rye Sourdough Bread or here for Pain de Mie au Levain.

So, here we go:

Lot no. 1

Here is 47% Rye Bread from The recipe will make 3 loaves, dense and just great!

Here is yet another photo of this bread (I asked my Mom to take some pictures and she just could not stop=):

Lot no. 2

This is Multigrain Nigella Seed Sourdough from The recipe is for two loaves, mine were quite flat but delicious!

Lot no. 3

This is Norwich Sourdough from . The recipe resulted in two dense and tasty brown bread loaves with rye sourdough. If using white flour sourdough culture, this recipe will make white bread.

And finally, Lot no. 4

Spiced Rye Sourdough from the recipe at Although my 2 loaves were not that puffy as the original, they’re delicious!

My New Year in USSR saga will be continued – my Mom just told me about the alternative way to celebrate the holiday which used to be the habit in her family.

Tomorrow the first working day after 10 days of official public holidays, so I’ll be back to oh-no-computer-again kind of life=)


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