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Creamy Rice in a Pot and Good News

I have stunning news for you that will make up for my long absence from blogging. Hop you’re already starving, cause this time I’m presenting you some – although baked in the oven – but absolutely dough-less recipe =)

Yep, I’m now officially unEMPLOYED which is marvellous (I got to recognize it after 3 days at work). I wake up too early, take a fairly crammed full elektrichka (a suburban train for even such crazy commuters that are ready to spend sometimes more than an hour just to get to the central station of St. Petersburg, when I enter the train at 7.46 they’re already there, mostly using as much as possible time to sleep  – and that’ more than an hour ONE WAY, not including time for metro/tram/trolleybus/bus/marshrutka/walk or a combination of them which is usually the case), I don’t see the day light except for that through the window (too dark in the morning, too dark in the evening and that’s still not the worst, the worst will be in the winter time), I take one of the most popular among commuters elektrichkas back and arrive late, although not that late to prevent me from baking  =). Also I’m trying to balance my chair-desk-computer devoted working hours with a fast ‘walk’ first to my local railway station, than from the central station to the work place and the same on my way back. As long as the weather permits – I mean as long as there are no snow storms or just too much SNOW everywhere – I intend to walk walk walk.

So, yes, I will have less time for elaborate food on weekdays (that will be the weekend affair) and less time for blogging. But I will not stop, no way =) What’s more, I’m eager to continue growing my wild yeast – I’ve recently started my new sourdough starter, for delicious sourdough rye and white bread as well as some unusual things that I’ve already tried with my not yet mature sourdough culture like oat-cranberry SCONES with sourdough! They were very much like soft gingerbread (or pryanik in Russian) and that was my first time I ever used rye sourdough starter in a sweet recipe with no yeast involved (no photo, sorry, but they were nicely enjoyed at work).

Here is a recipe for a great Russian-style lunch or dinner (OR BOTH), it will make some gorgeous creamy rice – with no cream in view, because the recipe is truly Soviet – you’re not supposed to have cream, just rice, milk and butter! Below is a photo of the stack of cards with recipes on them where I got the recipe (and quite yuk photos, cause the times were really harsh – end of Perestroyka with empty shelves and queues for everything as well as food rationing cards…), we’ve got quite a collection of such sets.

Anyway I long wanted to make Rice in Pots recipe, which I once made long before the beginning of my baking craze three years ago. For this recipe you will need some ceramic pots – if you don’t have any, use some oven-proof pots and if they have a fragile coating inside – don’t forget to take the rice out before you ruin the pot with your fork=)

I never achieved such a crust (depicted above) on my rice (see also the black bread!) but mine was with a milky crust that was equally nice (here with some rice peeping through) :

As a truly Soviet family we own two ceramic pots with covers and a special tool used to carry hot pots from the oven (apparently a true Russian furnace – my Mum once experienced even taking a BATH in it in an old traditional wooden house in the country and people also slept on the ‘roof’ of it, in very ancient times people were buried under it, the whole house construction process always began from it and fairy tales heroes even RODE Russian ovens=) and it’s not THAT old as you might think! It will appear on photos further on too.

Creamy Rice Baked in a Pot from a set of recipe cards ‘Bluda is moloka’, 1990 – will make enough for 1 pot, I doubled the following recipe for two pots


  • 100g uncooked rice
  • 25g butter
  • 20g white sugar – when I doubled the recipe, I didn’t add more sugar
  • 5g salt
  • 250ml milk
  • 200ml water


In order to accelerate un peu the things, soak your rice for 2 hours in water beforehand or cook it in boiling water till it’s half-cooked and definitely getting thick (I boiled my rice). Pour milk over the rice placed already in the pot, add sugar, salt and butter (I softened it), brush the edges of the pot ‘neck’ with butter (so that the milk won’t boil over it in the oven) and bake in preheated oven (I varied the temperature between 150 and 125 with fan on during the baking) at low heat till it’s ready (mine took more than 30 min, twice or thrice I added the fan effect to make sure the rice is cooked). Your rice will be covered with a nice BROWNED crust =) Serve your rice in the pot.


I guess when I divided my double amount of rice between the pots, I somehow poured too much milk and the process took a lot of time: I kept it baking in the oven for more than 30 min just because it looked as if the milk is still there. So perhaps it will take less time, especially if you parboil your rice or soak it thoroughly.


and after:

mmmmmmm!!! =)

The rice was really creamy, milky, soft and just delicious!

So enjoy your rice and … “wait till the sun peeps through the clouds” (that’s what it’s doing now)!

Have a nice weekend!


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