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Let’s Get It Started…

Hello everyone,

this is my first post and quite typically it appears right in the beginning of September, as if just for the beginning of yet another school year. But this is also the first September after oh-so-many years when there’s no school for me in any of its modifications =). I’m academically free, so to  say, and up to ears in job seeking, I’m a full-time job-seeker, hehe. Kidding, I’m rather a part-time baker and a part-time unemployed.

Meanwhile… The idea of starting a food blog made me think about my own food habits and preferences and where they come from actually. Inevitably does one look to one’s past – the past of the country – and to one’s family; to the roots generally speaking. In my case the two points of  ‘departure’  are particularly prominent : our Soviet past having – still – a great impact on our everyday lives combined with some distinct family food habits have done their job, no doubts. I’m myself rather Soviet in my mind, sometimes even in my soul and quite often so in the things I do – mostly instinctively. Thus there appeared quite an obvious ‘fate’ for my food blog – that is to devote it in some way to these striking/odd/funny/absurd/awful/wholesome/killing etc particularities-pecularities of a common Russian (=exSoviet) home cooking, and vice versa – to the influence of the international cuisine that is especially acute nowadays. Certainly, both recipes from Russian as well as of international cuisine are to be expected with a reserve that… I’m not only secretly Soviet in many ways but  most definitely a vegetarian – that does not derive from the Soviet part of me, for sure. Soviets are not vegetarian unless they’re having some serious stomach problems and a ruthless doctor prescribes them  a meatless diet.  Well, Russian cuisine is just ALL about meat, but don’t worry, there are so many dishes that are just as great! Moreover, I DO try from time to time some meat-requiring recipes, so stay tuned you, meat-lovers (such as my father, for example).

In brief – not to overwhelm you with my word flood right in the beginning – my idea is to introduce some Russian specialités and particularities not only as they appear in our cuisine and where they come from but also as they influence the way the dishes from other cuisines are being cooked. OK, no more words – let’s face the bare facts and COOKING!

C ya soon,



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